• Diversity is a Neighborhood Strength  We respect, celebrate and engage members’ unique attributes.

  • Economic Vitality We join together to demand access to quality education and training, living wage jobs, opportunities for business ownership and a thriving commercial corridor that serves the neighborhood.

  • A Healthy Quality of Life for All  We work to advance adequate housing, a safe, clean and inspiring environment, and access to resources to maintain excellent physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health.

  • A Great Place to Grow Up and Grow Old  We work to support quality daycare and schools, diverse opportunities for arts and recreation, and prospects for lifelong learning to enhance economic success and personal fulfillment.

  • An Empowered and Engaged Community  We join together to demand greater attention, investment and resources from our city government to ensure a strong and vibrant neighborhood.



2016-2017 D11 Budget Survey

  • Health and Safety: Increase resident engagement by the city planning department to ensure that new businesses or other issues impacting the neighborhood are approached with transparency, and prioritizing community needs; continuing with increased safety projects such as lighting; and continued merchant and resident engagement.

  • Senior, Youth and Family Services: District 11 has a high population of seniors, youth and families. It is imperative that services that are linguistically and culturally responsive remain accessible to the residents. Not only does baseline funding for CBOs that serve these population need to be preserved, but more funding should be allocated to ensure that increased demand for services are met. 

  • Economic Revitalization: ensuring that the Mission/Geneva transportation plan moves forward; ensuring businesses and community based organizations are able to retain their spaces.  

  • Affordable Housing: there is a sore lack of affordable housing for the residents of the district, we need the mayor's office to commit to continued funding for pre-development work, and to ensure that any viable pipeline for multi-family affordable housing such as the BPSAP remains a priority. 

  • Workforce Development: all age groups of residents in the district seek jobs. The city needs to commit not only to baseline funding for job readiness programs, but additional funding to focus on TAY, senior and workforce development for limited English proficiency populations should be provided. And while training will prepare our residents for jobs- the City needs to work harder to ensure businesses and companies that set up shop in SF prioritize hiring local residents, including creating pathways for learning through internships, apprenticeships and job shadowing.  

Community Action Grants (CAG): all the above priority areas have been positively impacted by resident and Community Based Organization driven projects funded by the CAG. We have not only found it to be effective in engaging community members into contributing to the neighborhood, but it has helped the collaborative meet its goals of creating unity and a positive collective vision. 


2019-20 Community Action/Event Grant Applications Now Available!