Picture by: John Avalos FB

2016-2017 Budget Priorities

The Excelsior Collaborative annually participates in the District 11 Budget Meeting, hosted by Mayor Lee and Supervisor Avalos, presenting a list of priorities for the upcoming fiscal year.

  1. Economic revitalization: The City must allocate sufficient resources to revitalize the Mission Street Corridor and to continue the key work that has been done to beautify the Persia Triangle as a town square for our community.  Encouraging property owners to update commercial units, maintain their property in working order and ensuring DPW regularly cleans (and steam-cleans) our corridor is essential to attracting new businesses to this affordable area.  Also vital is ensuring that the Mission-Geneva transportation plan and Balboa BART/MUNI Station upgrades move forward.  Advocating for responsible businesses and community based organizations to retain their leases help the Excelsior’s Commercial Corridor attract new businesses. 

  2. Health and Safety:  The City must ensure that our parks and streets are protected and secure. In addition, as Supervisor Avalos can attest, his office has been inundated with complaints regarding illegal gambling on Mission Street and on Geneva Avenue. The City Attorney, Ingleside Police Station, and District Attorney must have the resources to ensure that residents and merchants are safe and that families can continue to freely enjoy our parks. All of San Francisco’s residents and merchants should be able to enjoy a safe, livable city, no matter their income level. It is also essential to build relationships within the city planning department to ensure that new businesses positively impact our neighborhood.  Working with various city agencies to transparently prioritize programming according to our community needs; continuing with increased safety projects such as lighting; continued merchant and resident engagement, as well a park patrol assigned to our southeast parks John McLaren, Crocker Amazon, Excelsior & Cayuga Playgrounds.

  3. Senior, Youth and Family services: D11 has the 2nd highest amount of children ages (0-17) in San Francisco and 74% of is households are family households. Our district is also home to the largest population of elderly in the city, many (33%) live below 200% of poverty level.  The Excelsior is also home to the largest immigrant population in San Francisco.  It is imperative that services that are linguistically and culturally responsive remain accessible to the residents. Not only does baseline funding for CBOs thatserve these population need to be preserved, but more funding should be allocated to ensure that increased demand for services are met.  With appropriate funding, Excelsior Collaborative members have the capacity to expand family, youth, and senior services and provide even job development, evening and weekend programming; with more funding we can activate and cultivate a healthier culture for youth and families in D11.

  4. The Excelsior residents and community organizations are committed to continuing to provide high quality services to our community members ages 0-65+ and we will continue to advocate for public and private funding to meet this priority. We would like to lead the City of San Francisco in demonstrating that neighborhoods can advance initiatives such as Afterschool for All and Youth Workforce development.   

  5. Workforce Development:  Our projected workforce of 40,500 in D11, approximately 3,645 (9%) are unemployed. A portion of District 11 residents face high barriers to unemployment, so they require a collaborative, tailored approach to service delivery.  The city needs to commit to baseline funding for existing job readiness programs facilitated by Excelsior Collaborative members, serving all age groups of residents; funding free pre-k child-care, TAY, and senior and workforce development for limited English proficiency populations. While training will prepare our residents for jobs - the City needs to work harder to ensure businesses and companies that set up shop in SF prioritize hiring local residents, including creating pathways through internships, apprenticeships and job shadowing.   To this end, in April, 2016 an Community Workforce Hub serving the Excelsior will launch, a culmination of 3 years of work by local businesses, service providers, and neighborhood leaders.  

Community Action Grants (CAG):  Our 5 priority areas have been positively impacted by Resident and CBO driven projects funded through Community Action Grants. We have not only found it to be effective in engaging community members to contribute positively in their neighborhood, it has also helped the Collaborative meet its goals of unified advocacy and a positive collective vision. Additional funding to our Community Action Grants result in residents and community groups advancing their community projects and innovative community ideas.  Action grants encourage residents to play an active role in improving lives of all D11’s residents and stakeholders.